Creating Space for Thought Leadership
VergeNYC is an annual design event I co-founded bringing creative thinkers, field experts, and changemakers to Parsons in New York City. The event invites participants from diverse backgrounds and skillsets to build and empower a transdisciplinary design communitydeepening our ability to frame and understand complex problems and co-creating tools and lessons to address challenges in our respective fields. 

VergeNYC2015 explored the theme Action in the Face of Uncertainty,” looking at how we can turn the negativity, insecurity and fear associated with uncertainty on its head. What if we leveraged uncertainty to be one of our greatest assets? What are the tools, strategies, and mindsets we can cultivate in order to embrace the reality of our uncertain futures?

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What I Loved
I always love the challenge of starting something new in an unknown space. From recruiting and managing a team, to coordinating and executing an event of this size and prominence, there was a new challenge every day. The most exciting element was connecting with so many diverse, intelligent, and talented people. The development of Verge became a lab in how to engage, how to connect, and how to inspire everyone involved, from our advisory board to our team, our partners to the attendees. The theme Action in the Face of Uncertainty is deeply resonant with me and it was incredibly humbling to harness the minds and energy of so many impressive individuals to explore the topic.

Team Members
Aya Jaffar, Cameron Hanson, Gertrud Høgh Rasmussen, Janson Cheng, Mollie West, Sneha Srinivasan, Stephanie Lukito
Advisors: Carlos Teixeira, Jamer Hunt