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Equity + Design
My current research is focused on questions of equity and human-centred design practice. Designers, using 'human-centred' methodologies, create products and services that influence access to healthcare, education and citizenship. Design today is involved in projects connecting citizens to government services, shaping national education systems, reimagining healthcare delivery and working to change the state of policing

My research recognises the influences of structural racismcolonial power and bias ingrained in systems (and ourselves). It explores tools and processes for design to go beyond being simply human-centred, and build greater awareness of equity and inclusivity directly into the design process. 

  • How might we be more aware of our own identity and the relative positions of power that derive from that identity?

  • How do we understand and structure our relationships with those we are designing for/with? What power dynamics are implicit in these relationships and how might we make that clear?

  • What processes and tools might we develop to address equity throughout the design process?

  • Does this help us to become better able to design with diverse groups and achieve inclusive design outcomes?

I am currently running a series of research workshops with people who use human-centred design in their work around understanding equity and recognising how our processes participate in systems of oppression. If you are interested in this work, please contact me: kate.mcentee@monash.edu. 

I am very grateful to my collaborators: Myriam Doremy Diatta has helped co-create workshop content and is an ongoing critical friend and Stephanie Lukito has helped create all the visual material. This research is supported by WonderLab at Monash University.