Kate McEntee

Hello, I'm Kate McEntee. I was raised in a small, homogeneous city in northern Utah. From the moment I left, I sought to immerse myself in places, experiences, and cultures as different and diverse as I could find. I came to the practice of design from a background studying religious studies and international studies, and a career building storytelling strategy and courtroom presentations for judges and jurors.

While working as a trial consultant I was offered the opportunity to work with Stanford’s d.school, learning and teaching human-centered design to non-designers and building a practice to creatively empower our clients. I was captivated and the course was just the beginning. I needed to pursue a deeper, more skilful design practice, incorporating my insatiable curiosity and love for working with people.

My MFA in Transdisciplinary Design at Parsons School of Design allowed me to build and refine a project-based design practice, rooted in systems thinking and radical collaboration between different fields, approaches and people.

Today you can find me as a member of the faculty at MADA, Monash Art Design and Architecture, in Melbourne, Australia.

I am inspired by working with people and discovering insights about their understanding of, and relationship with their work. I love the challenge of translating complex concepts into clear and engaging stories. Whether teaching, writing or consulting, I am guided by connecting with other people and sharing stories.